• Long Distance Movers

  • Long Distance Movers


    Our goal is simple at West Coast Relocation – be one of the best long distance moving companies around. This means we’re proud to offer a full range of services, including an entire fleet of cross country movers. Need to move between states or even across the country? Our long distance movers are your solution! This last part is important. We’re not brokers and we don’t subcontract. Our movers are your movers! It’s that simple. 

    Learn more about what makes us one of the premier cross country moving companies below. Call us today at 1-800-795-6683 for your free moving quote! 

    Your Cross Country Movers


    Moving is stressful. This is true whether you’re moving down a few houses, a few blocks, or even a few states. Moving long distances brings a whole new set of considerations and complications to an already overwhelming process. West Coast Relocation is here to take that pressure off your shoulders! 

    Let’s start with packing. Long before moving day, sometimes before you’ve even seen your new home, you have to pack your current house. This means securely wrapping, boxing, and storing all your furniture and possessions. It means taking extra care with fragile items like glass and marble. It means packing an entire backyard, which often has large and complicated children’s toys. 

    Our packing services are unmatched by other long distance moving companies. We have all the wrapping, boxes, wardrobes, and fragile packing materials your home needs. Our cross country movers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture. More importantly, we’re fully insured, so you can rest easy knowing your property is being moved by the experts. We’re here to take the stress out of pre-moving by packing everything! 

    Then comes moving day itself. You want your move to be affordable, stress-free, and as quick as interstate traffic allows. We get it. As Southern California locals ourselves, we know how frustrating traffic can be. We have a full fleet of trucks and trailers, which makes pick up fast and efficient. Then we hit the road using the least congested routes. All of this means a better moving experience for you. 

    Finally, if you need to store anything – maybe your new home isn’t quite ready yet – we have a secure, climate-controlled storage facility. While many cross country moving companies say they have the same, they use self-storage or mini-storage units. Not West Coast Relocation. We have our own private warehouse to keep your valuables safe!   

    Cost-Effective Long Distance Movers


    We’ve been in business for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve moved countless individuals and families from California to Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and other states. The number one question is always – “how much will this cost?” 

    That’s a great question! The short answer is…it depends. All of our charges are based on tariff rates from origin zip code to destination zip code, as well as on the required items to be moved. You can add additional services like packing, storage, special supplies, etc. This means that giving an estimate online is difficult. 

    We’re certain that our cross country movers are your cost-effective solution! Simply call us today at 1-800-795-6683 to speak to our team. We’ll ask you a few questions and give you a customized, no-obligation quote! 

    Scheduling Your Move


    Quality service is at the heart of our mission as one of the country’s best long distance moving companies. This means helping you with all aspects of your relocation. Our cross country movers work with the utmost care to pack, move, and store your belongings. We offer complete liability coverage for your complete peace of mind.

    We need the following information to schedule your move:

    • Zip Code or origin and destination
    • The size of current your home, apartment, or condo
    • The size of your new home, apartment, or condo
    • Number of stories and whether there are elevators or stairs
    • Distance from your home to the curb or parking location
    • Any specific packing services that you may need
    • The types, quantities, and locations of large items (tanning beds, safes, etc.)
    • Special handling requirements (high-end furniture, wine collections, etc.)

    After receiving this information, our professional long distance movers will plan all aspects of your move. This means arranging the best pick up, move, and delivery times, as well as accommodating all special requests. 

    Commercial Cross Country Moving Companies  


    Need to move an office or even an entire company into a new state? West Coast Relocation has you covered every step of the way. Our dedication to being one of the best long distance moving companies doesn’t stop at residential – we’re here to take care of all your moving needs. 

    We’ve helped many businesses move in and out of California. We’ve also helped employees relocate for work. Our long distance movers are here whether you’re moving an office full of desks, computers, paper files, and more or moving an employee for a new position. Part of this means giving you access to information on the state of your move. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS. You can monitor them in real-time, and we’ll stay in contact with you around the clock during your move. 

    Get a Free Quote Today!


    Ready to experience the difference of working with one of California’s premier cross-country moving companies? Then it’s time you called West Coast Relocation! 

    We have multiple offices to give you unrivaled customer service. Pick the one that’s closest to you and give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote. You can also fill out our online form 24/7!