• Local Movers

  • In search of world-class local movers? Look no further than the team at West Coast Relocation. We’re a fully insured moving company with expert local movers. Moving from Bakersfield to Lamont? We have you covered. How about Anaheim to Santa Ana? Done. Need to move from San Diego to Roway? Don’t think twice. Moving anywhere in L.A.? West Coast Relocation is your answer! 

    Learn more about our local movers below. Call us today at 1-800-795-6683 for a free, no-obligation quote.

    Your Experienced Local Movers

    West Coast Relocation is a family-owned and operated company. We’re Southern California locals and know what it takes for a successful move. Our commitment to cost-effective moving solutions is reflected in our expert movers.

    Local Residential Moves

    Moving homes is a complicated process. Not only do you have to deal with packing and unpacking furniture and large household items, but you also have the move itself. Have you ever been stuck on the 405? Now imagine that same gridlock in a packed moving van. 

    There has to be a better way to move locally. 

    There is – local movers at West Coast Relocation. We know California. We know the best routes to take to minimize both the time and cost of your move. We know where to avoid. We know the times highways and freeways are busiest and the times they’re deserted. With thousands of people helped, and hundreds of moves successfully completed, isn’t it time you found out why we’re California’s premier local moving company? 

    We serve Southern California counties, including:

    • Los Angeles County
    • Orange County
    • San Diego County
    • San Bernardino County
    • Riverside County
    • And more!

    Local Business Moves

    Moving offices, storefronts, or even flex workspaces presents unique challenges. Nowhere is this truer than in California. Think about the largest industries in our state – tech, movies, tourism, agriculture, education…these all require unique equipment. Moving expensive computer equipment isn’t the same as moving typical office desks. Moving industrial farm equipment isn’t the same as moving filing cabinets. Moving entire college classrooms isn’t the same as moving a cubicle. 

    No, local commercial moving in California is a different beast altogether. You need the perfect combination of experienced local movers and industry-leading equipment. You need a fleet of trucks large enough to fit industrial supplies and safe enough to transport expensive film cameras. You need West Coast Relocation. 

    Our local business moving services are unmatched. We’ll move single offices or your entire operation in the most cost-effective way possible!


    Storage isn’t usually high on the list of local moving concerns. After all, moving to a new neighborhood or town doesn’t often involve the need for storing furniture or personal possessions, right? Right, but you still want to be prepared for everything. What if you need to move out immediately, but your new home isn’t available to move into? It’s moments like this that local storage solutions become invaluable. 

    West Coast Relocation has you covered. Our private, climate-controlled storage facility is everything you need and then some. It’s perfect for local residential and commercial storage. We even offer valuation and insurance options, so you know your furniture and possessions are safe and protected.


    Want your local move to be even simpler? That’s where our packing services enter the picture. No one wants to spend hours disassembling furniture, moving it down flights of stairs, and hefting it into a moving van. Wouldn’t it be nice if our local movers packed everything for you?

    They can! Our packing services include furniture disassembly, secure packing, moving up and down floors, unpacking, and reassembly. All you have to do is make one phone call, and your packing needs are taken care of.

    Customized Services  

    Do you need a customized moving solution? We can do that. Simply call us today at 1-800-795-6683 and tell us what you need. Complicated, complex moves are easy with West Coast Relocation’s local movers!

    The Right Movers Make All the Difference

    We have over 25 years of experience here at West Coast Relocation. That means you’re getting the most experienced local movers and an established and trustworthy company standing behind them. What does this concierge moving service look like?

    • We’re fully insured by one of the nation’s largest carriers
    • No hidden fees or charges – ever
    • Superior customer service
    • Computerized tracking
    • GPS on all our trucks
    • Fully-equipped trucks – pads, dollies, ramps, straps, wardrobes
    • Personalized moving tips
    • Customized quotes

    If that sounds good to you, then call our local movers today at 1-800-795-6683. You can reach our Orange County office at (714) 538-3601. You can reach our Long Beach office at (562) 537-0312. You can reach our San Diego office at (760) 710-1174.